Community Fundraiser FAQs

Is my group eligible to participate?

Eligible organizations are those organizations that maintain a 501(c)3 status and can provide a federal tax ID. These organizations would include: non-profit organizations, church groups, schools, parent teacher organizations, student organizations/clubs, etc. 

Is your organization is part of a school or university that does not have an individual federal tax ID number, no worries! Checks can be made directly to the district and school with significant designation for your organization, have questions? Contact us:

What percentage of sales from the fundraising event does my organization receive? And when can I expect to receive the proceeds?

Our fundraisers provide participating organizations with 20% of food and beverage sales (yes coffee AND pizza) generated from the event*. Gift card and merchandise sales are excluded. A check with the proceeds will be issued within 4 weeks of the event.
*Fundraiser guests must present, either in printed or digital form, an official event flyer/coupon.

When can my organization host an event? How often can we host events?

Community fundraisers are available to be scheduled Monday through Thursday, these events must be scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance. These fundraisers are scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis. Each organization cannot exceed one fundraiser per fiscal year quarter.

How do I know if my fundraiser has been approved?

Please complete the online form to request a fundraiser, you will be notified immediately that your application has been received.  We will send an email within 3 business days if your event has been successfully scheduled.

I submitted the wrong information, need to reschedule, or cancel my event, what should I do?

No worries! Please send any updates or questions to us at

Can we promote at the restaurant? Are there marketing materials available for my organization?

All promotion must happen before the event and not on the restaurant premis. Unfortunately, we will be unable to host donation jars, additional organization information, in store flyers, or decorations. Our team will provide you with a full-page flyer, coupon pdf, and facebook image to be used by your organization to promote the fundraising event in advance. This will be provided via email following the confirmation of your scheduled event. 

What do customers have to do for their purchase to count toward our fundraiser?

To ensure that the purchase of fundraiser guests is accounted for in the fundraising totals, guests must present, either in printed or digital form, an official event flyer/coupon at the time of payment. A minimum of $100 in sales must be attributed to the fundraiser ($100 sales * 20% = $20 donation) in order to receive the proceeds from your event.